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The Students We Expelled

The Students We Expelled By Rabbi Perry Tirschwell I’ll never forget that phone call. There was a half an hour between the end of school on Thursdays and mishmar. Though we took dinner orders from the boys from a popular restaurant which delivered, there were always boys who wanted to get from a different restaurant (no matter which restaurant we picked!) They left campus by car and inevitably returned to mishmar late. Though it was against the school rules, we turned a blind eye. We were keeping them after school to learn Torah, and wanted the Torah to “taste sweet” (literally and figuratively).    “Two of your seniors have been arrested”, said the owner of the local Kosher burger joint. Numerous police cars were outside his establishment- “Get over here quick!” The parents of one of the boys had given their son a jet-black Camaro with blacked-out windows, along the bottom of which the young man added purple neon lights. The boys drove around the strip mall wi